This article written by, Kim Saeed, is one of the most insightful and informative articles I have read about the many secondary gains the narcissist receives by so quickly and publicly flaunting the new love of his/ her life (target).

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

Of the many ordeals that victims of the almighty Narcissist face, the lamentable concern that their disordered Ex will be better for the new woman is among the top five.  In spite of knowing that the Narcissist is a pathological liar, colossal cheater, all-star schmoozer, and soul- assassin, discarded victims are often 100% sure that their abuser has mysteriously begun toeing the line for the new girl.

It’s a miracle, by George!  The Narcissist has changed!  His wounded former partner sees it on Facebook and Instagram, hears about it from the Narcissist himself, and is informed by their shared circle of friends that the Narcissist has never been happier.  His friends and family can barely believe their own eyes, and even the neighbors walk around with their mouths agape, wondering what it is about the Narc’s new girlfriend that’s incited such a divine intervention of the Narcissist’s wily ways.


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4 thoughts on “The Great “Narcissist Loves New Woman More” Hoax

  1. Bree,

    Thank you again for the fascinating article and thanks also, to the folks responding. I have a question. Do you know whether this personality disorder is typically genetic? Or is it environmental? That is, to what extent are the influence of values and standards of acceptable human narcissistic behavior passed from parent to child as a result of simply living and growing up in such an environment? Or is it genetic. Without any clinical basis for my beliefs, I suspect the disorder is more environmental than genetic. I am really wondering whether removing the child from the npd parent at an early age can lessen the development of the disorder in the child. Your thoughts?


    1. Larry, the latest research I have read suggest that there is a genetic predisposition and some biochemical factors that are present, however, just as you suspect, environmental factors, parenting, etc… will either suppress or enhance the tendency toward NPD and sociopathy. As far as the genetic inheritance, I am not familiar with the percentage of increase risk one is at if one of their parents has NPD or Sociopathy, but I would suspect it is very low and environmental factors have more of an influence. Lots of children that are raised by NPD’s, do not develop the disorder.


      1. I am a bit late to this but just had to speak. x sent me an email stating how he has finally learned to love, like never before! My reaction was it’s a miracle! True love! Again! I mean honestly what are the odds of finding true love so many times? (need a puking emoji)

        Then the next email a few weeks later…you are my only true love. I will never love again.

        Block, block and block again.

        I feel sorry for her. I know what he is and what he is going to do to her. He is going to do to her what he has done to me and all those that came before. The hardest part for me is grieving for the 15 years i lost to him. His history was a lie to me, i didn’t learn the truth of how he had lived until after the final discard. Then his family finally told me the truth. They thought i was the finally the “one” that he would change for.

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