7 Interesting Facts About The Book, “I Am Free”

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The very first edition of I Am Free: Healing Stories of Surviving Toxic Relationships With Narcissists and Sociopaths will be available to purchase on April 30, 2016, or May 1, 2016, depending on where you live in the world. I will be posting a link to where you can purchase the book (tomorrow) on my public Facebook Forum page. Find out some interesting facts about the book, and how you can personally get involved, and join the campaign to help raise awareness about narcissistic abuse.

Some interesting facts about the book…

1.People from around the world submitted their stories to be included in this anthology. We have contributors from the United States, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, South Africa, and Australia.

2.The members of the public Facebook forum page, Narcissistic Abuse And Toxic Relationships, chose the book’s front cover through a vote held on the page.

3.The book has a two-fold goal; to empower, and provide hope to those who are in, or recovering from a toxic relationship with a narcissist, or sociopath, as well as raise the public profile of narcissistic abuse, and spread awareness about the warning signs, and it’s snowballing, effects that seep into every facet of society.

4.The book inspired the dedication of June 1st, as Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day. I will be donating 15% of the profits from this book in support of narcissistic abuse awareness. I’m hoping you will join me by showing your support, so narcissistic abuse will be recognized as the legitimate public health concern it is. I’m going to be kicking off this June 1st, with a series of events. One of which will be a live Twitter chat. More information to follow. Connect with me on Twitter at @Relationshpedia

5.One of the book’s contributors was married to a famous person. Two of the book’s contributors are medical doctors, and another two are lawyers practicing family law, and advocating for survivors of domestic abuse. One contributor is a minister. A couple of the contributors have their degree in social work or psychology.  One contributor is a fireman. Also included are bloggers, advocates, parents, homemakers, and educators.

6.The contributors come from all walks of life, and range in age from 20-something to 60-something. Both males and females shared their stories about surviving toxic relationships, or being raised, as children, by narcissistic parents.

7.I Am Free: Healing Stories About Surviving Toxic Relationships With Narcissists And Sociopaths is the market’s only anthology of 100% true stories about narcissistic abuse.


Bree Bonchay, LCSW, is a psychotherapist with over 18 years of experience working in the field of mental health and trauma recovery. She specializes in helping people recover from toxic relationships and shares her insights about Narcissistic Personality Disorder and psychopathy in her blog FreeFromToxic. Her articles have been featured in major online magazines and she has appeared on radio as a guest expert. She is also a dedicated advocate, educator, and facilitates survivor support groups and workshops.

Amazon link: http://amazon.com/2gCyYyL



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3 thoughts on “7 Interesting Facts About The Book, “I Am Free”

  1. My ex controlled all money and all purchases. She walked out last july next day having me arrested for rape. Then assault then trying for kicking my 8 year old daughter for which she denied to police. I’ve found tons of her paperwork in loft stating she’s diagnosed with f60 emotional unstable personality disorder. I’m the 7th person accused of rape. 5 stays in mental health units 40 overdose and suicide attempts. Including overdose in morning, found by newark police trying to jump off bridge then trying to hang herself in hospital ward. One of the people who are wrongly accused of rape was her stepdad between 9-16 she claims her mum kicked her down stairs and on another occasion kicking in stomach giving her miscarriages when examined their was no evidence she had been pregnant. The assault went to court with a photo of a swollen lip in Feb then a mark on neck in june yet when in court the lip was stated 23 and neck 24 but 24 june didn’t have swollen lip. The court believed her and I easy sent to prison for 30 weeks serving 15 weeks on licence. I know I’ve never done any of this but even her dad. Mum and step parents who she accused believe her. I’ve never been allowed any contact with my 8 or 3 year old since. I’m losing the will to carry on she keeps using fake facebook profiles to haresment on me but no one will help me

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH for compiling and writing this book. I can’t wait to read it. After recently leaving an emotionally abusive relationship, I have been looking for more books on this topic, as a way to understand, move forward and recover. There are a few solid self-help type books, but very few stories let alone true/nonfiction accounts of people in this situation. I think reading the stories of others will help a lot of people to heal, as well as to understand this issue. Hopefully this is the beginning of many many people sharing their journeys and recovering!

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