“I Am Free” A Cautionary Warning And An Illuminating Light

Front cover graphicI Am Free: Healing Stories About Toxic Relationships With Narcissists And Sociopaths

I Am Free, the title of this book embodies its core message. For anyone who has the misfortune of being embroiled in a toxic love relationship, or family relationship, the essays shared by other survivors can serve as encouragement that escape is possible. None of the contributors sugar-coated their experiences, or the degree of effort that it took to survive, leave, and heal from such traumatic relationships.

Time and again, these writers shared that, charmed by their partner, they ignored their inner voices when those early alarm bells rang. Many of these individuals were well-educated, and had successful careers, until… they sank into the quicksand of toxic partnership.

These stories are brutally honest, and chronicle the careful grooming process, so typical, of these kinds of unhealthy, and damaging relationships. This makes for a challenging read, AND IT IS IMPORTANT that they are read as both a cautionary warning, and an illuminating light, so that others might escape, and/or avoid the perils that these stories narrate.

Written from the heart of survivors of narcissistic abuse, this collection of stories and poems will empower readers dealing with the aftermath of a toxic relationship, and serve as a wake-up call to those who are in —or think they may be in— an abusive relationship with a narcissist or sociopath.

I Am Free validates and inspires the victims of toxic relationships with the experiences of people from all walks of life —featuring both women and men, who have found the courage to survive abusive relationships, either as adults or as children raised by narcissists, and sociopaths. These vignettes are heavy, raw, and painful, but the ultimate message is one of hope —that it is possible to gain happiness, and freedom after narcissistic abuse.

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Here are just a few of the reviews.

By Melissa408on May 23, 2016
Inspiration, validation and hope after darkness

If you are coming out a relationship with a narc/sociopath, it’s likely that you are feeling confused, crazy, lonely, angry, anxious, paranoid, lost, shame and even hopeless. The more research you do, the more the cognitive dissonance kicks in, the more you ignore your gut and rationalize that your partner could not be a narcissist. Loneliness and isolation are what “victims” feel so this is the book you need to read. Unlike other books, “I Am Free” incorporates data from NPD with real life, relatable stories from fellow survivors that are both uplifting and validating. This book is the loving, supportive, compassionate, understanding, friend we all desired following the aftermath of our breakup. For most of us, our friends and family couldn’t help us they way we needed. Only fellow survivors can. I love that this book will help spread self-love and compassion after trauma. This is also a book for anyone who has had loved on in a toxic relationship and can’t seem to understand why he/she “doesn’t just leave” and “get over it.”

By Shelby Richardson May 20, 2016
Wow! Excellent book, highly recommend it, exactly what I needed to set myself free!

This book has helped me in so many ways, strongly recommend it. We are victims that need to learn we are also survivors and we need to know we can and will survive it, one day at a time. The best way to learn to survive is learning all you can, and I have been following Bree for a long while now, to help understand, educate, and learn exactly how to set myself free. I AM FREE now, is a wonderful book to help, couldn’t  put it down. So glad to see others recover and read success stories, I found my way now and join me by finally being able to not only read I am Free but to say it and finally mean it that I survived and I AM FREE!!! 5 STARS

By Reader of all sorts on June 6, 2016
Stories And Truth Are Not Shared Over Coffee; No One Believes Them. This Book Will Change That…

Caught in the crosshairs of the cruel drama of damaging families and/or spouses, the sane individual becomes an innocent receptacle for incomprehensible devaluation. The thing is, they don’t even know why these people treat them so and accept that they are powerless. Stories and truth are not shared over coffee; no one believes them. The Malignant Narcissist has fooled the world until now, flashing his most charming facade at the rest of you and expects to continue to hide his enraged self as he has always done; lists of “traits” might give others a clue, but they can continue to hide in plain sight if that’s all you know. This book will change that.

“I AM FREE”, a collection of stories and poetry gathered by Bree Bonchay, tells others in similar relationships that what they are experiencing is real, has a name and is being met by indignation, support and validation in a world which formerly looked the other way, or worse, blamed the strength of those who battled to rise above the vindictiveness of Narcissistic Personality Disorder in their own lives. The words within this book, powerful and insightful, show the facility of these individuals to break free to a SELF-DEFINED reality, to understand those so disordered who nearly broke them and to want to help others by openly sharing how they endured the worst that everyday monstrous manipulators bring – and can say, “I AM FREE” to live, to love and share their unbelievable, true tales.

For more information about World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day and to find out how you can get involved go to. WNAAD

2 thoughts on ““I Am Free” A Cautionary Warning And An Illuminating Light

  1. Hi. I married to Asian Indian female with 13 years daughter 2 years ago. I did not know the word ” narcissistic ” three month ago. I have spend my time and money to bring in USA on immigration visa. Normally it takes over 10k including attorney fee. All communication last two years was over the phone. I spend only 3 days back there after my wedding.
    At the beginning she was sweet talker. I had planned to visit her twice but intentionally stop me to visit her.
    She got her green card September 2016 . Arrived in USA on October. I picked her from the airport. She was with her 13 years old daughter. I have two bed and two bathrooms apartment . 12 days of staying she share bed with her daughter. Sometimes she come to my room 20 minutes or less in a day. Her behaves start changing. Two times she has done physical abuse to me . Unlimited time verbal abuse . She had two faced. I had heart attack and 4x bypass surgery. 10 days hospital she visited me only two times.No nursing at all.
    Return back home . She keep abusing same way. 3 day she called police on me . Went to shelter next to California or fur side relatives.
    She cheated with me . She used me to obtaining green . Last two years she she received over 25k.

    1. Sorry that has happen …
      Move on and find a spiritual practice.
      Love yourself and be around those that are loving and kind. Join a meet up group or self help group.

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