The Hashtag, #IfMyWoundsWereVisible, Is Raising Awareness About Narcissistic Abuse



June 1st is Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day. Let’s raise awareness by using the hashtag ‪#‎IfMyWoundsWereVisible‬ on all social media.

Get involved in this campaign to raise awareness by logging into your Twitter account, and send out a tweet using the hashtag #IfMyWoundsWereVisible, and complete the sentence.

Let’s try to raise public awareness about this very covert, and insidious form of abuse, and also reach people who may not be believed, and let them know we believe them, we get it, and there is support, and hope for happiness, and freedom after narcissistic abuse. You can also click on the Twitter hashtag to read what other people have tweeted.

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10 thoughts to “The Hashtag, #IfMyWoundsWereVisible, Is Raising Awareness About Narcissistic Abuse”

  1. I am not on twitter of face book but I strongly support this. I did buy two of your books at regular price and also had to pay duty fee so a bit pricy. I have not read all the book. Hoping to find some more from men and grandparents. With that being said, I pray that you can get this out to everyone especially the lawyers, Councillors and judges as this has been a major block for us.

    All the best!!! Thanks for your efforts to get this out to all!!!

    thank YOU!!

  2. Thank you! This book is so helpful. I am going to order another one, right now, while it’s still on sale! Tamara Moore

  3. Reblogged this on survivednarc and commented:
    An amazing initiative! Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day, today! Targets shouldn’t have to suffer in silence and the general public needs to know about the existence of narcissists and the havoc they wreak. Spread this knowledge in the hopes of sparing targets in the future! Thank you for listening. Our voices need to be heard.

  4. It is nice to see people who take initiative. Especially about covert narcissists there is still a long road until people learn to identify them.

  5. I’d love to read your book but my husband has emptied our bank account so that I can not do anything;there are no groceries, no gas in the car, no money for my prescriptions — nothing. Are there any excerpts that I can read online that might help?

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