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One thought to “Narcissist Will Destroy”

  1. This is so true. All throughout my marriage I was depressed and my narc ex couldn’t care less what I was going through. I even started hiding it so as not to make him think I’m weak and think less of me. He always made me feel inadequate and such a burden especially when I wasn’t working. He would tell people I’m lazy and how lucky I am because he puts up with me. If they only know the truth and the man behind the mask. What a person goes through in a relationship/marriage with a narc is not something you would wish for even for your worst enemy. People need to educate themselves about narcissistic abuse so they can have a better grasp of the pain and turmoil of its survivor. Sometimes, we survivors just want to be heard. We have been silenced all throughout the relationship/marriage that this time around we will stop at nothing to have our voices heard. We will not be silenced anymore. Today we begin to live again.

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