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2 thoughts to “Narcissistic Love”

  1. Exactly what happened to me from about part of 2002, but definitely from 2004. I want to feel like I wasn’t the only one putting more into the relationship than he was. So I just slowed myself down and watched and waited to see something coming from him. I guess we should have talked about it, but I think that instead of that, he just found someone else and looked for excuses to blame me for the breakup (1/3/05). I was so hurt over the entire situation and we have had NO contact since we broke up, except for a few emails.

  2. Re: My last posting, I wanted to mention that if things “weren’t all about him” , that is when he sought out people, males and females to give into his need to be the center of attention. That was 12 years ago with NO closure. If that doesn’t spell narcissist, I don’t know what does. I have someone now that spoils me so much (I had to grow into that, never had that before).

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