The Truth About Getting Closure With A Narcissist


The concept of closure means different things to people. We can’t see it, touch it, or even agree on exactly what it is, but so many survivors of narcissistic abuse hang their whole relationship recovery on getting it. Unfortunately, you never get anything that resembles real closure with a narcissist. And even those folks who don’t want their ex back still believe it will help them to feel better, and make it easier for them to move forward if they could get closure in the form of knowing that their ex-narcissist misses them, wants them back or is at least sorry.

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Is The Narcissist As Happy With The New Woman As He Appears On Social Media?

So, you think the narcissists is happier with the new woman? You couldn’t resist the urge to cyber-peek, or muster the strength to block him, and now your Facebook feed is bombarded with shiny, happy, couple photos of him, and his new target, looking oh-so-happily in love. Before you jump to conclusions, I want you to imagine a photograph of the typical, happy, vacationing couple, who have been together for only a short 4 months. Picture a cliché “ussie ” photo, a selfie photo, but for couples, on a tropical white sandy beach with the ocean in the background, that you have seen posted on Facebook a million times. Everyone who sees the picture, while scrolling through their news feed thinks, “Oh, what a happy, little, vacationing couple they are!” “Those two are so cute together!” “They make such a great couple!”

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How To Permanently Detach From A Narcissist


If you’re trying to get over a narcissist, there’s a lot of information on the Internet about the “no contact rule” and how to implement it. The problem is, with the passage of time, people develop relationship amnesia, and just around the time relationship amnesia begins to set in, the narcissist, like a tornado, will regenerate and strike again. No contact is good, but going Stover is even better. No that wasn’t a typo. Stover is a term a friend of mine coined, that means the relationship is “So Totally OVER” or Stover. Going Stover is a lot like going no contact only on Red Bull, and best of all it protects against dreaded relationship amnesia.

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